Here we are celebrating the women who've had a huge impact on the feminist movement. Feminism is about fighting for women's equality, and there are women who have been trailblazing the fight for decades now.  These are the women who portray the real definition of feminism and are paving the road for gender equality. Read More Here  
Keys has announced that she is done wearing makeup. To prove her stance on her statement she has appeared on countless Red Carpets and award shows with bare skin, bare lips, and bare lashes. She still continues to look gorgeous as ever. But many people — men and women alike —have lashed out.  Read More Here
In today's society there are women marching, fighting, leading, learning, engineering, writing, directing, acting, exploring, and building coalitions. There are countless great causes, organizations, movements, and people to follow.  Women have become strong and independent leaders, and to celebrate this movement, compiled is a list of 10 women who have made their mark as incredible female role models in society. Read Full Article